About Me

That's me to the left there fooling around at BEA 2013.  I'm your average bookworm.  My room probably constitutes a fire hazard due to the piles of books, papers and sundry other things all over the floor and every surface you can imagine.

I was born in 1984, on Friday the 13th and yes it was a dark and stormy night.  If I'm not obsessing over books then I'm probably obsessing over some asian drama (or anime)...or possibly attempting to replicate a recipe I saw on Top Chef (with hit or miss results).  Or gaming.  That's another addiction.

Currently I work full time and I have a couple side jobs.  At some point I plan on returning to college to finish my Bachelor's as well.

Oh and if it matters terribly, I live in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the US.  More specific South/Central New Jersey, since 'Central New Jersey' only exists to about half the known world's post offices.  No seriously, my town tends to disappear depending on your post office.

I will almost always respond to tweets (assuming its not lewd, crude or spammy) and have a variety of shows I'm interested in.

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