Review Policy

This is my updated review policy (effective 9/22/13).  Please email me with any questions!

Unless provided with a specific summary for a book, any summaries included in my reviews are from Amazon, Goodreads and occasionally the author's official webpage. 

Affiliates and Buy Links
Links to buy books are through Amazon, Smashwords and occasionally IndieBound, sites I am affiliated with.  If you click on a link and buy something I will get a small percentage of money.

In the case of most e-books I will link either direct to the publisher or to a site the publisher uses to sell their books.

I am also affiliated with Litbreaker, so clicking on the sidebar ad will give me a few pennies.

Positive/Negative Reviews:
I don't necessarily love every single book I buy/receive.  I don't necessarily love every single aspect of the books that I do enjoy a lot.  I will occasionally have something called a 'Book RANT'--many times this will be a book that I loved except for one or two major flaws.  These posts will be written respectfully and constructively, detailing what didn't work for me (so strongly) and what did work for me. 

Review Genres Accepted:
  • Historical Romance*
  • Fantasy
  • YA/Teen
  • Paranormal Romance*
  • Science Fiction***
  • Manga/Graphic Novels
Review Genres Not Accepted:
  • horror**/thriller
  • Suspense
  • non-fiction
  • genre fiction
  • contemporary romance
  • self help or diet books
  • sports books
  • children's (ages 10 and under)
(*) Please note I will not review nor consider Romance Novels where Adultery is part of the romance element.
(**) Unless zombies are involved.  Query me if they are, I'll decide this on a book by book basis.
(***) This is on a case by case basis

If you submit a review request to me for any of the genres I have explicitly stated I do not accept, I will delete your email without further thought.  If your book fits multiple genres (such as its horror, but historical fiction with a dash of paranormal mayhem), feel free to query me. 

For e-books, if the book is over 250pages (pdf) please state so in your query email.  I prefer pdf or mobi format for e-books.  *Do not send the book without asking, I will ignore it*

Review Times:
Unless specifically requested (either by the publicist/author or a blog tour) I will read and review books (I receive) within the first few months of publication. If you have sent me a book to review, and its not up within three months of the publication date, you are welcome to send me an email and ask about how it goes.  Even though I keep a spreadsheet, my various jobs and obligations (especially during the holiday season) cause me to fall behind.

Author Guest Blogs/Interviews:
Ordinarily my Interviews are about 5-7 Questions long and will be serious and nonsensical. I post the interview with the review a day before or after (unless given a specific tour date) and prefer to interview authors I have either read or whose book I have in my possession so that I can at least ask informative questions.

Guest blogs can either be about the author's current book, past books, research or some random topic they want to discourse on. I only ask that its not a political, religious or ethical statement. Everyone has their own views on things and I would prefer not to spark a debate that detracts from the original idea of the guest blog.

Why Did I Not Respond to Your Review Request?
Few reasons:
  1. Did you spell my name wrong? I realize its a silly thing, but if you're emailing me then you spelled my name correctly once already (Lexie), so I'm not sure how my name then became "Lexi", "Lexy" or "Alexis".  
  2. Did you send me the book attached?  Unless we've worked together before, I will not open any email that has a book attached to it unless I specifically requested the book.
  3. Did you query for a book that is in any of the genres I specifically stated I do not read? As I said, I'll be deleting that without response.
Its also possible I didn't receive the request.  My filters are rather tight, so its possible you got filtered wrong.  If you think this happened, and none of the three reasons above are what actually happened, tweet at me (@PRationality) or send me a message through GoodReads asking if I've received your request.  I'll investigate and get back to you.

Contact Me:
Lexie or Alexandra is fine to call me. I go by many nicknames.