Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ebook Month: Top 5 Previously Reviewed and Authors (+giveaway)

I love lists.  Wishlists, trading lists, must have lists, best of lists...I love them all because they give me a chance to find new...somethings to obsess over.  So let's do my Top 5 Previously reviewed* titles and Authors!

Previously Reviewed Top 5

Forbidden Chamber by Ella Drake (review here) -- Oh Forbidden Chamber you took me by surprise you did, despite the teaser(s) I had read the assurances I had received that you were awesome.  Its dark and a little moody, but surprisingly romantic.

Sarah's Fate by Christy Trujillo (review here) -- This is technically the third book in the Maldito series, however the first two books focused on 'Emmy' (Emmy's Song and Emmy's Heart).  This was my favorite of the three, maybe because Sarah was more after my own heart then Emmy was and the whole true love thing came a bit harder for her.

Dead People by Edie Ramer (review here) -- I literally bought this just because of the cover and the price.  It was longer then I normally read on the computer or my e-reader, but worth it.  Ramer layered mystery, humor and a bit of romance together that engaged me far longer than I thought it would.

The Naked Detective by Vivi Andrews (review here) -- How could I pass up something with that title?  And an Asian-American MC?  That's like asking a chocolate lover to avoid the chocolate fountain you set in front of them.  This was ten kinds of funny and sweetly romantic at the same time.

Champion of the Rose by Andrea K. Host (review here) -- Nifty twists that had me slapping my thigh because I didn't expect it?  A trope I found intriguing and not cliched?  Main characters who I was riveted to find out if they would kill each other before figuring out how to get out of the mess they were in? I'M THERE.

Top 5 Favorite Authors

Christy Trujillo -- other than the fact the hemisphere would explode from our combined awesomeness if we were ever in the same place at the same time (true fact, twitter said so!) Christy's 'Maldito' novels are part of why I started giving e-books a chance.  They're fun and offered a different way to tell a story from their print book counterparts.  While they're technically YA, they crossover quite well (especially by the time book 2 rolls around) and never cease to delight me.

Emma Lai -- Her 'Mates of the Guardians' series proved to me that shorter page count does not mean skimping on the details.  Mixed genre romance--one is set in the past, the other the future and a third on the way w00t--without the erotica (surprisingly that is sometimes harder to find then you may think).

Tia Nevitt -- Confession time you write pretty much anything related to fairy tales I'm very likely to jump on it and give it a shot.  So her series 'Accidental Enchantments' (dubbed not your daughter's fairy tales for a very good reason) kind gives me a happy face. 

Lacey Weatherford and HP Mallory -- I count these two authors in the same bracket because its hard to choose between them!  They're both so very responsive to fans and interactive like you wouldn't believe.  I honestly have no idea how either one of them has energy to do anything.  And no joke they have some of the most awesome covers.

Andrea K Host -- Champion of the Rose is possibly one of my favorite fantasy novels in recent years.  It takes a couple of twists I didn't see coming and a plot trope I don't entirely like and hooked me. 

So let me know some of your favorite authors or titles.  One lucky commenter will win a $15 gift certificate to the e-book store of their choosing! (ends September 13th)

(*) please note this only includes reviews I've done for Poisoned Rationality, not for any other site