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PR Special Edition (32): Mila Ramos Interview + Giveaway!

Poisoned Rationality Special  Edition

Welcome to another Poisoned Rationality Special Edition!   Today we have Mila Ramos author of the recently released short story anthology Echoes and Illusions!  Stay tuned at the end for a chance to win a copy of the book as well!

A curious invitation mystifies acclaimed movie critic Moira Castle as she returns home to face hidden memories and answers she's not ready to hear or feel.  
The Seventh Legend:
A children's tune states the key. A children's story holds the clues. Millennium has passed for the justice to be served.
The Watchers:
Watchers are sworn to uphold the Sacred Draleigh Coven. Selene is their Enforcer and Protector. Yet the Coven never prepared her for one thing – Michael.
Smoke and Mirrors:
Ana Fiore and Dakota Hastings are rival doctors vying for Chief of Staff position. Snowed-in at a conference, the doctors must face their pasts and feelings.

Which element of your stories comes to you first--the characters or the situation they find themselves in?

Lately its been the characters, I find myself wanting to understand them more. Once I feel I have a firm grasp on them, then the situation comes. For my first few books it was the other way around. An idea would just come to my mind and suddenly there was the idea "hey what if...". Part of me keeps a small journal around so I can keep track of the story ideas and characters. Eventually they do meet.
What pet peeves do you read in other novels that you strive really hard to avoid in your own novels?
I like the tension in books. Whether the situation, the action, the romance, the horror, I like the "what's going to happen *scream* moments. I try to make sure I have tension in my books. Sometimes though I might and I found this out recently, the tension isn't tense enough, and that's where I have to step back and thoroughly analyze the pages and books, speak to various author friends and get their take on it. I've found out that it helps when I do that, and I'm very grateful for fellow authors and writers who are willing to part with that wisdom.
Is it important to you that you have a certain time of day to write or plot?
It would be GREAT if I had that, currently pandemonium rules the waves, so most of my writing and thought plotting is in a notebook. I have not had time to sit down and just write on the laptop. And though I have a laptop, I can't really be mobile with it. Currently I'm thinking maybe a tab book like an i-pad. As for now, when i have a free moment, I write. When I don't need to work on my chemistry research I write.
Which of your characters was easiest for you to write? Which has been the hardest?
Ana Fiore and Cody Hastings of Smoke and Mirrors were the easiest, next to my characters from my Torrid Teasers: Smoldering Ember and Touch of Fire (Kat, Cass, Ethan and Ben). I think that bunch was fun to write and they were easy to talk and get into while writing. My hardest....are Ailsa Sullivan and Duncan Walsh, from Prophecy of the Boar. I've been extending the book and dear me, those two are running their mouths a mile a minute. I have the series for their world set in my mind, I know how I want them to work and it has been taking some time since I am finding out how complex it is. Yet, as hard as they are, they are amazing to me. I am in awe of the entire group (I call them my Infinitium group, the Reardon boys and Duncan).
What genres do you hope to explore as you get further along in your writing career?

I absolutely would love to delve into historical. At this time I'm not ready but there are so many periods in history that I adore. Egyptian times, the times of the Templars, mid-renaissance. I know I'll find the idea and how to approach it in a unique way. The idea isn't there yet but I know it will come soon enough.
In another interview you mentioned being a role play writer for a site, what kind of games did you write for? Do you miss it? (as a former email based role player I can honestly say I do miss it a lot)
Oh goodness yes I miss it! That was how I started working my story method funny enough. It wasn't for a game actually but for a book series. I was on that site for a good three years, and the role-playing group was based in paranormal/supernatural. The characters I formed on there were amazing, and each one I adore like Ailsa and Duncan. They were just those characters that I could easily see writing for quite a long time. That was honestly the best time I had in getting to work with people and melding stories. I miss that cooperative team work on a story.
What's next for Mila Ramos--professionally and personally?
Personally I am finishing my second year of my doctoral studies, so I am wanting it to go by very fast. I love the classes but sick of them at this moment. I just want to focus on my research honestly. Funny enough my husband asked me this question last night and I know we are thinking of a starting a family, or as he says little conspiratorial masterminds. Professionally, writing-wise I would like a couple more books out, and thankfully summer will be here to give me the opportunity. More importantly at this moment just catch up on sleep. I miss it, it waves hi to me on the way in to the lab.

Quick Q's

Cake or pie? mmmmmm Cake. :D
Morning or night person? Both but I like the night more!
Favorite Color? Can't pick one, I love blue, red, and purple equally.
Reading recommendation? HARD QUESTIONS!!!! The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir and Les Miserable by Victor Hugo.
One thing to do before you die? Oh that is an easy answer! I want to see the Titanic with my own eyes.

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog Mila! And thank you so much for having me!



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