BEA 2015 Info

With Book Expo America coming up I thought I'd give a space for where I'll be and such.  This'll be constantly updated.

New for 2015:
You'll note that this isn't as...extensive as my usual lists.  I won't be regularly updating this on an obsessively daily basis (ain't no one got time for that).  Instead please check out the GoogleDrive reference Document (linkage here).  I'll be updating that probably weekly since I can do that on the go quicker than I can update this.

If you want to meet up at the Con, shoot me an email () and we'll work something out!

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Reader Related Shopping:
- The Strand  and Books of Wonder (must visits for any bookie ever)
- Kinokuniya (great place for Japanese lovers)
- Book Off (great used bookstore w/huge manga section as well as DVD's, and CD's)
- Alice's Tea Cup (choose a location--dozens of tea selections, yummy desserts, great food, GORGEOUS atmosphere)
- Forbidden Planet (great for comic/genre collectible enthusiasts)
- Midtown Comics and Jim Henley's Universe (the best comic shops--indie and mainstream pub)

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