Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Welcome to #BEABlitz!

So some of you on twitter may have noticed myself (), Hannah () and Nicole () discussing something called "BEA Blitz".  Often our conversations devolved into something a tad bit more...scary, but we always began discussing how excited we are for Book Expo.

Book Expo America (BEA) begins this month on May 30th and ends June 1st--though there's so much more to do.  There's publisher parties, blogger get togethers, Teen Author Carnival, New York Book Week, New York in general...its just a really awesome packed 5 days.

Hannah and Nicole were as excited as I am so we began discussing how we could get OTHER people excited as well.  Thus was BEA Blitz born.

Basically we'll be talking with publishing industry folks (editors, publicists, authors), bloggers and even booksellers about how they view BEA.  What to look forward to, what to anticipate, the fun and the not so fun--we're hoping that by having this month long celebration of all things BEA everyone will get as excited as we are.

How it works is that each day one of us will post--we'll be rotating day to day so that no one person or blog has an OVERLOAD of BEA information.  In between there will be other stuff--author spotlights, book spotlights, Hannah's BEA Tips and Tricks series--and at the end we shall interview each other.  If all goes as planned we shall also have a surprise the night before BEA (when we three meet up) to share with everyone!

Be prepared for the Blitz!

May 1st - (Irish Banana Reviews) ""
May 2nd - (Poisoned Rationality) "Michelle K. Pickett, author of PODs Interview"
May 3rd - (Paperback Princess) "Lili @ Lili's Reflections Interview"
May 4th - (Irish Banana Review) "Cara Lynn Schultz, author Interview"
May 5th - (Poisoned Rationality) "Steph @ Read Rinse Repeat Interview"
May 6th - (Paperback Princess) "Sarah J. Maas, author of Throne of Glass Interview"
May 7th - (Irish Banana Review) "Kate, editor @ Spencer Hill Press Interview"
May 8th - (Paperback Princess) "Danny @ Bewitching Bookworms Interview"
May 9th - (Paperback Princess) "Librarian Edition"
May 10th - (Irish Banana Review) "Lindsi @ Books, Sweets and Other Treats Interview"
May 11th - (Poisoned Rationality) "Hannah @ The Girl in a Cafe Interview"
May 12th - (Paperback Princess) "Harpercollins Interview"
May 13th - (Irish Banana Review) "Sourcebooks Interview"
May 14th - (Poisoned Rationality) "Tasch @ Bloody Bookaholic Interview"
May 15th - (Paperback Princess) "Carmen Rodrigues, author of 34 Pieces of You Interview"
May 16th - (Irish Banana Review) "Little, Brown & Company Interview"