Tuesday, May 14, 2013

#BEABlitz Interview: Tasch of Bloody Bookaholic

Welcome to BEA Blitz!  Today I'm interviewing Tasch, my bestie extraordinaire.  Seriously, how this girl has put up with my space case self for 4 years is way beyond any scope I understand. I swear I don't pay her. Don't know what BEA Blitz is?  Head over to my BEA Blitz Master Post to find out and see who else is being interviewed!

How did you originally hear about Book Expo America(BEA)?
I was a newbie blogger when I found out about BEA. I was following other more experienced blogs at the time, and all I read about was this BEA. Once I found out about it, I couldn't stop. I had to get all the information that I could, until I finally figured out that I too could attend. It was terrifying because I was still a high school student and I had never been to the big city. Luckily my mother went with me that first year, and the second. Ever since that first time it has been a given I'd go every year.
What are you looking forward to the most? Dreading the most?
I am looking forward to the blur, the instant decisions, getting ahead of the game, the rush of getting the perfect rhythm in order to get all the books you want and meet all the authors you love. I am dreading the expected BEA drama and "talking behind each others back" that usually happens. Specially Twitter, ugh how I hate it.
Which author would you sacrifice a limb to meet at BEA?
Sarah J. Maas, Sarah Beth Durst (met her last year on a line to get another book, and she was the sweetest ever!), Katie McGarry, Tahereh Mafi, and of course Julie Kagawa.
Is this your first time in NYC? What do you plan to do while not at BEA?
(l-r) Tasch, Ally Condie, Me
Not at all, this will actually be my fourth time! I plan to do many things, hit the clothing stores with the roomies (Briana already promised, and I am sure Tegan won't mind, nor Chaz, all I have to do is either bribe Lexie or drag her along), have dinner at fantastic places (by this I mean chinese food wherever) and who knows, go to author events. If all else fails I shall be at the hotel room with the roomies laughing it off or sleeping. As long as my roomies are with me though, I don't really mind were we are :)
What has been the single most practical advice you've seen about attending BEA?
Make a squeedule ahead, or at least have roomies who are SUPER organized and can let you borrow their schedules :D Also, wear practical shoes people! BEA is not the time to wear fashionable shoes that make your feet bleed (believe me). And the best practical advice, make sure you bring your biggest and baddest suit case to check in at the Javitz, cause believe you me you are going to need it (remember, biggest and baddest).

All right it may not take a lot of bribery to get me to go to the clothing stores (she's laying the love on thick up top huh?).  I met Tasch four years ago rather randomly.  Let me just say energizer Bunny can't top Tasch on the first couple of days.  This'll be our 3rd year rooming together!!  Lots of excitement I assure you!

Wanna know more?  Find Tasch at // Goodreads or her blog:

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