Sunday, May 5, 2013

#BEABlitz Interview: Steph of Go Flash Go

Welcome to BEA Blitz!  Today I'm interviewing Steph who runs the blog Read Rinse Repeat!  Don't know what BEA Blitz is?  Head over to my BEA Blitz Master Post to find out and see who else is being interviewed!

How did you originally hear about Book Expo America(BEA)?
Prior to launching my blog in February of this year, I'd heard murmurings of a magical event where free books were distributed like candy. It seemed as believable to me as Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But shortly after joining the blogging community, I learned that yes, it does exist! My excitement was stoked, and I registered for BEA.
What are you looking forward to the most? Dreading the most?
Let's be honest - I'm most excited about the free books. But since I'm so new to blogging, I'm also looking forward to networking with other bloggers. I've registered for the Bloggers' Conference and the children's author breakfast, so I'm hoping that those two events will help to give me a full taste of BEA over the four days that I'm attending.

On the flip side, I'm dreading the crowds. I need a powerful incentive to willingly insert myself in the middle of a teeming crowd, and books will do it. I also like to stick closely to a schedule, and from what I understand, events at BEA can change with little notice, and I expect that will cause some stress for me. I will try to alleviate that stress by doing as much planning and preparation beforehand and telling myself to relax and realize that I can't do everything, and I will appreciate everything that I do manage to fit in.
Which author would you sacrifice a limb to meet at BEA?
I would love to meet Julie Kagawa. I've been a huge fan since I read The Immortal Rules. I have no idea if she'll be there, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. (ed note: she will be)
Is this your first time in NYC? What do you plan to do while not at BEA?
I grew up not too far from NYC, and my brother has lived there for about fifteen years, so I've been there many times. I'm planning to stay with him, provided we don't get fed up with bumping into each other in his small apartment. Hopefully I'll meet some new blogging friends to hang out with in the evenings! I also plan to meet up with one of my close college friends who lives in NYC. Due to my aforementioned aversion to crowds, I'm going to avoid the more touristy scenes. I also need to set aside some time each evening to blog about the events of the day.
What has been the single most practical advice you've seen about attending BEA?
Bring an empty suitcase for your daily book hauls!

Thank you so much Steph for taking the time to be with us!  I met Steph through the Goodreads group Book Expo America and she's been there while we stress and laugh and squee over every little bit of information we can find!

Check Steph out at Goodreads // and her blog:
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