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PR Special Edition (47): Artist Arthur Guest Post

Poisoned Rationality Special  Edition

Welcome to another Poisoned Rationality Special Edition!   Today we have Artist Arthur, author of the Mystyx series and covers!

Synopsis: A lot can change in a few months. Jake Palmer is living proof of that. In a short time, the once–shy loner has discovered his incredible supernatural abilities and forged a tight bond with his fellow Mystyx. What's more—he's fallen for his best friend, Krystal. And fallen hard.

Still, some things remain the same—like the jocks who keep bullying him. Even though they have no idea how powerful Jake has become. And while he tries to follow Krystal's advice, he may not be able to keep his cool much longer. But there are bigger problems ahead, because the darkness that's been hovering nearby is about to descend on the town of Lincoln, Connecticut. And when it does, the Mystyx will learn who to trust, who to fear and just how much is at stake…


Artist its wonderful to have you on the blog today! Thank you for stopping by and talking about the Mystyx covers with my readers :)
Thanks for having me Lexie. I’m really excited to be here.
I know there's a lot of talk in the blog-sphere about diversity in cover models, especially in the YA channels. Excluding Jake (who's full Caucasian), its wonderful to see mixed race characters given such beautiful covers. Do you feel the covers give a good 'feel' for the characters' and their personalities?
Actually, I must admit that I was against having any people on the covers. I wanted something more atmospheric to set the tone for the series and give a mystical feel. I was overruled but I’m not upset about it. LOL I loved, loved, loved Manifest’s cover, the model was everything I envisioned as Krystal. Mystify’s cover was fun and captured all of Sasha’s attitude. Mayhem has a little atmosphere in the background but otherwise gives off the edgy Jake vibe that I really like.
How much input do you have with the covers? Does the art department check with you to make sure they're not making a giant faux paus? 
When I first pitched the series I gave pictures of all the characters as well as personality profiles. I think the art department did a great job finding models that captured the characters perfectly. Details like where the M should be and colors, they ask me about during the process.
With the release of Book 3, Mayhem, we've rounded out the characters introduced in Manifest as being part of Mystyx, going forward do you know have an idea how Kimani Tru will be handling the cover art?
Mutiny, the free ebook novella available in July 2011 is all atmosphere and I absolutely love it! Mesmerize which releases in Feb 2012 has a picture of Lindsey. We haven’t pinpointed what the final book in the series, tentatively titled Majestic, will look like even though I have some cool ideas.
When browsing for books yourself, what draws your eye in terms of covers? Do you prefer painted/illustrated covers, realistic covers, or a combination of both? Do you have a favorite cover artist/designer?
I’m all about the tone of a book and the cover most times tells me that. Dark and beautifully illustrated are usually my favorites. I’m really simplistic so covers like Beautiful Darkness and Wintergirls really appeal to me.
How would the characters weigh in on their covers?
I think Sasha would love hers, shows her attitude and spunk. Jake wouldn’t care either way. Krystal would probably enjoy hers even though her hair is out and not in its signature ponytail.
Can you tell us a little bit about the future of the Mystyx series? 
Sure, I can tell you that the Mystyx are heading down a darker path full of mythical beings that both threaten and encourage them. The battle is suddenly in their faces and its either fight or flight at this point. Each of them have grown and are moving into their powers in exciting and surprising ways. The final books of the series will be action packed and emotionally charged, so hold on, the ride has just picked up speed!

Want to know more?  Check out Artist's website and catch all her posts by following her Teen Book Scene Tour!

  1. Mutiny (e-novella) // Harlequin
  2. Book 1: Manifest
  3. Book 2: Mystify
  4. Book 3: Mayhem
  5. Book 4: Mesmerize February 2012
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